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Pipe Fabrication Ensures Performance and Safety

With the enormous growth in electricity, refinery and industrial sector and advance technologies in presence Pipe Fabrication is a duty to pipe oriented sector. Beginning out of irrigation, to both fire security & pipes until pharmaceutical industry fabricated pipes is priority.

Pipe Fabrication incorporates various kind of piping demanded by large businesses. Designed especially with a heart pipe surrounded by coat pipe, enables cooling or heating to flow in annular area. You can purchase the durable square pipe with affordable price rates (which is also known as”ท่อสี่เหลี่ยม” in the Thai language)

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Heavy businesses start looking for Pipe Fabrication, that give them suitability to handle their job.With worries of heat, cooling and mixing liquid or solid material that this manufactured pipes add an benefit.Minimal price and extended durability of manufactured tubes necessitates no more coupling.

Aside from field services such as Metal tubing re carbon steel and also many all metals, Pipe Hangers and Supports, Structural Steel Fabrication, Skids etc., also it also provides personalized services too including Tank manufacturing and installation, routine maintenance, movement and setup etc..

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