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About Me

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog!

There’s a few things that may interest you about me and give you a better sense for who I am and why I’m blogging. In no particular order, here they are:

*I’m a marketer by trade. My passion is for innovation in creativity, communications, media and technology. Most of my career has been in small teams, wearing many hats and helping build businesses from the ground (or just above it) up. If you’re interested in working with me here’s my resume and LinkedIn profile.

*I studied and performed improv at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in NYC and Unexpected Productions in Seattle. Learning the fundamentals of improvisation is probably the best thing I ever did for my professional development. It will change the way you communicate with others and approach problems for the better. I highly recommend it and I cover it here on my blog.

*After I graduated from NYU I went in to the music business for a while. I produced hip-hop demos, did live sound in a bowling alley that had been converted into a night club, I interned at a management company, and I made grilled cheese sandwiches at a shop called “Grilled Cheese NYC”. These 4 jobs I did at the same time.

Eventually I went on the road with a soul artist from the management company, his name is Marc Broussard. We toured all over the country for about 5 years (he’s still touring, I’m not) and opened for bands like Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt, Maroon 5, Bela Fleck. Thanks to this period in my life I can say I’ve been to all 50 states, and honestly say I’ve gotten my 20s out of my system.

*I started college at Georgia Tech in an intensive French Business program. I was incredibly fluent for some time, and have since lost all ability to parlais francaise. I got to go to Paris for two weeks and meet with business leaders by day, and party with the rest of my class all night. When I was at the Louvre a classmate came up to me and said “I just came from Jim Morrison’s grave”. He gave me directions and I immediately left the museum for Pere LaChaise.

*If you had asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” at age 6, I would have said “A Cartoonist”. That’s what my barber asked me, and when I told him my answer he said “You don’t want to be a cartoonist, you won’t make any money. You want to be an architect.”

For almost a decade after that I read books about architecture and drew floor plans for the houses I would live in when I grew up. Sometimes today I wish I was a cartoonist. I also sometimes wish I was an architect.

*I once started a comedy cooking show web series called “The Unemployed Gourmet.” I tell people its “The LOST of cooking shows.” That usually does a good job piquing their interest. And its true. There’s time travel, murder, imaginary antagonists. There’s very little cooking though.

*Yes, I spell my name with A. It’s pronounced like “Eric”, but just with an A. There’s no reason for it. My family is Norwegian, and Erik is a Norwegian name, but obviously my name is different. You can also find it spelled Arik in places like the Middle East, but its pronounced differently there, and I’m not Middle Eastern, for the record.

“What an interesting spelling” is hands down the #1 conversation starter at networking events for me, 100% started by the other party. I’m really lucky to have this ice-breaker built on to my nametag or business card. When I encounter someone else with a unique name, we have a good 5-10 minutes of conversation pre-wired into our meeting.

*When people ask me “where are you from?” I have a really hard time answering. Here’s why:

I currently live in Raleigh NC (7/2010 – Present) and just moved from Seattle WA (8/2008 – 6/2010). I moved to Seattle from Brooklyn NY (6/2000 – 8/2008) with my long time girlfriend, so she could get her MBA at UW. Before Brooklyn, I was in Atlanta (10/1989 – 6/2000), and before that I was in Los Angeles CA (12/1978 – 10/1989).

*I studied Karate when I was a boy, for a couple years at least I recall. I made it to blue belt, which is just below brown belt, and then of course, black belt, which means you kick ass. I have a memory of another kid (keep in mind I’m like 8 yrs old at the time) leaping from across the mat and kicking me in the chest. I’m pretty sure he had those comic book action lines around his head and torso. There was also a kid named Abel in the class, he was from Mexico City, and I was fascinated by the kid who had my last name as his first name.

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